Project Management Exam Preparation Course

A Project is a temporary and unique endeavour, with a defined beginning and end, to reach specific goals and objectives within time, budget and technology constraints. Project Management helps us to achieve project goals by optimizing processes through proper planning, organization and allocation of resources and integration of sub-processes within the project. Project Management skills are in demand by a wide range of sectors, ranging from engineering and construction to IT, health care and administration. Check out how you could become qualified……

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Project Management training programs are usually sought by:

People who want to enrol in a PMP training program should have a deep understanding of the processes involved in a project, should be comfortable with the planning and organizing of projects, and the skill to delegate responsibilities and complete tasks within deadlines. Project management defined…

To enroll in a PMP training program, an applicant needs to look for a PMP exam preparation course, whether online or with a PMP study group. After the completion of the course, the candidate needs to pass the exam with a subject score of 70%. A pass mark in this test means that the candidate has the necessary knowledge and skills for the profession. The PMP certification is awarded on passing the exam. An applicant’s license is valid for two years.

While PMP training programs are mainly meant for PMP exam takers, some companies also prefer that their applicants are PMP certified. This is possible by opting for PMP exam preparation courses. The best aspect about these courses is that they preserve the candidate’s facts and correct principles up to date.

This is the most effective way to prepare for the PMP exam because it gives the learner the ability to deal with different situations, scenarios and problems without putting the self in extreme jeopardy. Check out our blogs.

There are a few factors that should be considered if one wants to take the PMP exam.

• Determine the format of the PMP exam• Study for a long time to master the subject• Learn the required skills for the PMP exam• Enroll in a PMP exam preparation course

Studying Methods

The most common methods of learning are:

• Study byheart• Study by repetition• Study by skimming through content

The Study by heart Method involves studying information frequently. This is the method used by students who are hard-pressed for time to retain information. By heart, the student is focused on what he or she knows.

The Study for Repetition is repetition of course materials covered in the program. This is the method most commonly used by students beginning with core courses.

The PMP Exam Preparation Course

The PMP exam preparation course is the most expensive but it is also the most effective. With it, you will get guided by industry professionals and other PMP experts to learn the required skills and knowledge for the exam. This is a 400-hour course, available for $3,000. The course is six months long, commencing with the study of the PMBOK guide, Studying Tips and Strategies and then going over other subject matter, including the PMP Exam Tips. After the completion of the course, the learner would be able to produce a project management PMP certificate.

Theories and Practice Tests

Theories on the exam may vary but there are some standard theories you should be able to glean from the study material. A PMP exam prep course may or may not spot these theories but the PMI does. Depending on the course, there may be a PMP trace and a PMP exam.

Many applicants take the PMP exam with a placebo theory and without the practice test, they claim to have passed the exam. However, they fail to pass the exam because it is not where they have learnt the most.

Trace methods count for 50% of the final mark and you need to pass at least 70% of your papers to get a partial mark. An example of a partial mark is two initials, meaning you have gained marks from all your assignments but have missed meeting your basic requirement.

The actual amount of marks you earn is the total number of completed assignments, meaning all your assignments are counted in your final score.

I hope this sheds light on how to manage your money and your time in preparing for your PMP as well as other important details so that you can have a fruitful exam experience and get the most out of your training program.